Parents and non-traditional teachers: Two peas in a pod

Not every family has the financial means to form a learning pod — a small, in-person class run by a hired teacher. Instead, many parents are supplementing their children’s remote education themselves. Trying to be creative, while also being safe, parents and pod teachers are fulfilling similar roles.   In Washington D.C., Julianne and Ryan Reilly’s biggest struggle during the pandemic has...

Why can’t people social distance from coffee shops?

As infections of COVID-19 continue to increase nationwide, lockdowns and restrictions loom over the fate of small businesses. Coffee shops and cafes — already beginning to deal with dropping temperatures — are preparing to deal with these restrictions. Yet, community support and consistent desires for coffee that isn’t brewed at home may prove to be these shops’ saving grace.

Strength in numbers: Kentucky teachers during election season

In Kentucky, teacher’s unions not only battle for their own workplace protections, they also organize to elect officials that will uphold their values. Their strength is in their numbers. Emilie Mckiernan Blanton is a member of two Kentucky teacher’s unions. The first is the state-wide Kentucky Educators Association and the second is Jefferson County Teachers Association, which serves the...